Mavic producing a line of tires

Mavic's K10 tire
Mavic's K10 tire

Mavic is producing their own tire called the Ksyrium Yksion K10 clincher. Bicycle Radar states that the tire was launched to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Ksyrium road wheelset and will be retailing January in the UK. A new tire from Mavic? Really? Is this a response from the debacle of the R- SYS wheel failure? Mavic’s response was the R-SYS wheelset was safe (they had recalled the first generation of front R-SYS wheels) and that it was either operator error, the tires/tubes or frame failure that caused the wheel to collapse under VeloNew’s Ben Delaney. With their own tires mounted to the rims, Mavic seems to be taking the bold step to say, “Our wheels work best with our tires.” I wonder what would happen if another R-SYS wheel collapsed with mounted Mavic tires? The lawyers would have a field day with the case.  If it does fail, Mavic better pray a bike editor isn’t riding that combination.

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