A photographer’s view from RadioShack camp

Brian gets the shot from the top of the many rolling hills in the area

Brian gets the shot from the top of the many rolling hills in the area

Brian Hodes of Velo Images is in Tucson at the RadioShack camp and gave a quick report from his view behind the lens. Immediately following our conversation he headed out to the hardware store to purchase rain gear. The forecast tomorrow in Tucson calls for rain and the team is riding regardless. Oh yeah, Brian is on a moto tomorrow.

The day starts off early as Brian met with the media liaison, Philippe. After introductions and a few ground rules, Hodes’ trigger finger is itching to shoot. Other than Casy Gibson, who is shooting for Lance in Liz Kreutz’s absence, Hodes is the only still photographer there. That situation will change quickly tomorrow as it becomes “media day” and journalists from around the world will be arriving.  Also in attendance this first day is a camera crew filming a  Armstrong documentary.

After a closed door meeting, the 2010 RadioShack team gathered their new bikes and headed out for their first ride as a team. The riders are contractually obliged to ride with their current team kits and to quote @theteamshack “the (RadioShack) Team Kit design is locked up tighter than a ’73 Bottechia Campy BB. Latest is Lance will debut it via twitter when ready.” After the ride it was back to the rooms for massage and dinner. This is basically the routine that the riders will have for the remaining week. That and a few dozen interviews.  Tomorrow the Livestrong U23 team arrives which includes 2009 U23 Paris-Roubaix winner and Olympian Taylor Phinney.

Here’s hoping that Brian gets enough waterproof clothes…

Brian in action

Brian in action

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