I’m sexy and I know it

The internet was created for two reasons and this video is one of the reasons. The Bike Gallery in Jacksonville, North Carolina took the club song, “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO and created a spoof video. To say that is “just awesome” is not giving the producers full credit.

The two minutes and forty seconds of music goodness is jam packed full of elements that make it a hit. First off – tattoos – everyone seems to have them. From the cyclists to the young girls in the convertible Cadillac and you know what – I love it! Also at the 19-second mark Andy Schleck makes an appearance riding a BMX bike and later does a coasting wheelie! Suck on that Contador! Did I also mention that it features fixie hipsters and a green suited gimp? So in case you haven’t seen it please enjoy…

Thanks to Laura Weislo for pointing this out.

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