My Fox Carolina interview

FOX Carolina 21

Fox News Carolina stopped by Browne Eye HQ to get my thoughts on the USADA report. I managed to make a reference about trophy wives and cocaine.


  1. Evan says:


    I am astonished that you sum up your values by saying the best Hincapie could have done is stay a cyclist and dope. Shame on you.

    My family was murdered in the holocaust. I was taught we must make the right choices in life.

    Choosing greed, trying to destroy people as he did with the Andreu’s by pressuring them along with LA, riding the gravy train, defrauding the public has done great damage.

    You respect him? He was greedy not for one race but a decade.

    • Neil says:

      Hey Evan,

      Fox News interviewed me for about 30 minutes and used about 20 seconds of what I said. And of that they further cut my full comment out. I can’t remember verbatim what I said, but I told them that George had cheated for a large portion of his career. Regarding saying I have respect I was thinking of what I would do if in the same situation George was in – young man in a foreign country and told that everyone is doping. I’m not sure I would have said no either. It’s the whole “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house.” I’ve also read more of what Hincapie said and other reports and I think I might answer that question differently. I don’t think I would use the word “respect” anymore.

      • Evan says:

        Thanks! I like you am not quick to judge others, we all make errors small and large. I can see how they started with the wrong choice and then got stuck being part of the criminal enterprise and could not leave without wrath, so ride the gravy train.

        But I think we all need to see that a decade of this was wrong. Hincapie did not just hurt himself but climbed on the backs of others and although not nearly the sociopath LA is, became quite destructive to others. This is much more than a young guy making mistakes.

        And any of us who profit from them in the industry must look hard at not apologizing for them. Fruit from the poisoned tree is poison.

        Thanks for your genuine and thoughtful reply. It says a great deal of why I listen to you and follow your pieces.

  2. Evan says:

    Neil i have followed you for some time and very much like you and what you have to say and do. That said you say you always will respect him, you apologize for him giving him a rationalization of he was in a difficult position and did the best he could do.

    Really? How about quit! How about turn states evidence and stop them? How about not try to ruin Betsy Andreu and Frankie? How about not enrich himself beyond belief and when it was over look for the easy way out. Saying sorry is easy. Words mean nothing when actions are the opposite.

    So, I am at a loss as to how you say what you do. He was not as guilty of crimes as Lance, but very very central to the omertà. Will he ever admit to himself just how terrible his actions were?

    And will you?

  3. Evan says:

    Or are you riding the fence not offending the locals who profited from HIncapie and will still do so? If looked at in the face, you are inadvertently riding that train.

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