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My favorite hate mail

On the internet hate mail often comes in the form of “comments” at the bottom of a post. It isn’t always pretty. If you write for a living, and especially if you write opinion pieces, you’re going to get criticism. That’s the nature of the game and I’ve gotten my share. Some of it is […]

Lessons from the Felt bike launch

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a product launch. Early last week I flew out to my old stomping grounds of Southern California to visit the guys at Felt Bicycles. They were showcasing their 2014 line and attending it were about 30 journalists all there to check out the upcoming Felt bikes. My review […]

Guide to Doping Categories

As I was doing research for my latest article on the recent doping admissions I came across the line from Erik Zabel, “I never had a structured doping plan, never had any experts around me, and so never saw myself as a super doper. I only had recommendations.” Super doper? At first glance I […]

Chris Froome’s Tour de France Jaguar

Unless your win is stripped from you, victory at the Tour de France is a good thing. Depending on your nationality you’ll meet the king/queen, president, prime minister, or whomever is leading your country at the moment. Then there’s the trophy. While not particularly attractive, it is still a Tour de France trophy, very prestigious […]

Tour de France transfer game

Let’s forget for a second all the doping allegations and rumor aimed at Chris Froome. By far he’s been a better Tour de France winner than last year’s Bradley Wiggins. Last year Wiggins was unable to deal with the press and media spotlight that comes with the burden of wearing the yellow jersey. As people […]