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Oleg Tinkov is on a tear

Looks like Saxo Tinkoff Bank Team CEO Oleg Tinkov had quite the evening. According to his twitter account he’s jerking off in his Tuscan villa with a magnum of Petrus 82. Me? I’m still writing TdF wrap-ups, but that’s the difference between a billionaire and a freelance writer. [View the story “Oleg Tinkov is on …

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Fading tees and memories

I’ve been to many press junkets, product launches, team presentations, press rooms, races and fun rides, and the common thread is one thing – free t-shirts. I got the inspiration for this post from Steve Tilford who blogged about the many cycling socks he’s amassed through the years – quite the collection. By far the …

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Strava Hunting

“Just so you know, there’s a Strava segment up here.” Myself and a couple of buddies were riding. We’d just rolled through an intersection which took us away from town and into the rolling, green hills of Greenville, South Carolina – my hometown. The ribbon of tarmac dipped and curved – generally a beautiful road …

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Sinyard said what?

On the Specialized Twitter account @Iamspecialized was tweeted a Vine video of their CEO Mike Sinyard saying, “It’s going to be be incredible. This is going to be more powerful than a tailwind. End of story!” with the hashtag #AEROISEVERYTHING. What the hell was he talking about? On the head of Mark Cavendish and other …

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