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Checking in with my little buddy at TransRocky

This is the email I got from Mike this morning, “You’re a funny guy.Yes, I’m finishing this one.” Well let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. What he doesn’t realize is that I’ve used reverse psychology in order to goad him into finishing. My verbal jabs have made him dig deep and finish the […]


Tour de France horn ringtone

I’ll say this right away, ringtones are stupid and nine times out of ten very embarrassing. However this all changed very recently. On my last press junket I went to the A2 wind tunnel to check out the aerodynamics of the Specialized helmets and bikes. During the Tour, Nic Sims from Specialized had his film […]


Random iPhone images

Since I’ve been off the back with my blogging I’ve missed out on posting a few interesting iPhone camera moments. Art guy Tim “The Scrambler” Schamber was on holiday in Hawaii and came back with a tattoo and a full body tan. Ask Tim what the tattoo means and he’ll tell you all about it. […]