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There goes my weekend

I was bummed to hear that Road Rage was cancelled. It was cool to cover, all the media got catered food, the racers were easy to talk to and they had a good after-party at the Key Club in Hollywood. I had my whole weekend planned around that event. I was going to cover the […]

Random stuff from Idaho

Not quite sure what it means, but I like it… I went mountain biking for the first time in about eight years and didn’t kill myself! I’m going to try and do a few XC races next year with fellow magazine editor Mark Jordan (decline) This is the trail we rode. New Scott road shoes […]

Cyclocrossing in Idaho

I’ve been coast to coast participating in some really amazing cyclocross events. Starcrossed in Seattle is an epic race that reinvigorates your cyclocross soul. The Crankbrothers series is important in the quest for valuable UCI points. But without regional events we would not have discovered the Tim Johnson, Barry Wicks, or Ryan Trebons of cyclocross. […]

No Landis news

I think this is the coolest Landis photo This blog has absolutely no news about Floyd Landis. I’m sure he is at home rehabbing, but that is only an unsubstantiated claim. Anyways, I got nothing today… Tim and I are finishing up the magazine for Friday. However, I’m leaving for Idaho Thursday for a cyclocross […]

Floyd Landis Interview

I just interviewed Floyd and we spoke about what is going on with him right now. The topics included his hip surgery and what is the prognosis, when does he think he’ll be racing again, his Floyd Landis Foundation, what did he think of the Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson marriage, what does BMC stand […]

I saw this coming a mile away

Talk about the obvious happening. Basso is not returning to CSC. It’s like dumping your girlfriend the night before prom and then trying to get her back the folowing day. Good luck with that! If I was a betting man I’d say Ivan is headed to Discovery. Basso would have Levi, George, and Tommy D […]

Tour of Missouri

The U.S. will have another state tour for 2007, the Tour of Missouri. This new stage race has a UCI status which means it has to invite at least five European teams (thanks for the question Hooptie). Some quick points:The date is September 11th to the 16thNo host cities or courses have been picked yet. […]

This is why we ride

I’d been feeling sick the past few days so I hadn’t been riding. By the middle of the week I started to feel better and was feeling anxious to ride. A bunch of friends of mine were going to meet in Santa Monica and go for an easy ride up the coast. Usually when a […]

I’m Sick

I felt a little under the weather last Saturday while I was still in Boston for U.S. Gran Prix. It was a slight cough, but nothing bad. That night I decided to stay in the hotel and go to bed early. Sunday I felt a little better. But on the flight home to L.A.X. I […]