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Playing hurt

This guy will be “playing hurt” the next day. When you go to Vegas for Interbike you can expect to “play hurt.” What I mean by that is one night you will not return to your room till the sun is creeping back up over the mountains. The morning’s rays will burn your dilated pupils …

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I can’t catch a plane without some drama! I had to run like a mad man through the airport to catch it. Now it looks like it is delayed. I can’t catch a break with planes. And to further darken my mood I’m listening to my “Moody” playlist on my iPod (Smiths, Joy Division, Placebo). …

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Another fantastic Starcrossed

Huele pips Trebon at the line As usual I had a great time at this year’s Starcrossed. Steve Westover, Starcrossed PR guy, said there were 2,000 spectators lining the velodrome and 500 racers taking part. Yes, that many people came out and paid to watch a cross race! And it was a very strategic race. …

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