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Cold Call – Jeremy Powers

With a few hours before my race here at Starcrossed I called up cyclocross stud Jeremy Powers of Jelly Belly for some last minute advice. Neil: Hey Jeremy, its Neil. Jeremy Powers: Hey Neil, what’s cracking? Neil: I’m up here at Starcrossed and I’m racing in a couple of hours. Do you have any advice? …

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Missing shoes

I’m sitting here waiting for my, as usual, delayed flight in the Long Beach airport when I thought I would share something I’ve never heard over the P.A. “Listen up ladies! We have two black shoes that have been left at security. They are both lefts!” Then the security lady walked through the terminal waving …

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This morning’s news

I was going to write something about the Landis decision or about how I am frantically packing for my trip to Seattle, but then I received an email this morning from my cycling club. At our local Saturday morning ride a cyclist was hit by an 18-wheeler and killed. I have seen people dead and …

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