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Team BMC riders

Gavin Chilcott,the man behind the revamped BMC team Here’s the hot scoop regarding the new domestic BMC team. Million dollar buget with such riders as: Alexander Moos (ex-Phonak), Scott Moninger, Mike Sayers, Jackson Stewart, and a few more. This team looks solid!

The buzz at Interbike

The SRAM booth continues to have a lot of traffic due to their road group. Last year it was the buzz because they had just unveiled it. Now that it is avalible people seem to be clamoring for it. We were wondering how far FSA is in making their own group… We picked up pair […]

Photos from the shoot

Looking back at this shoot it reminded me a lot of how we did the profile shots in out Tour of California issue It was done quickly and with very minimal coordination with the athletes. At the Tour of California I grabbed athletes as they were leaving dinner. Here, I grabbed athletes as they walked […]

Crazy interviews

These past two hours were crazy! In that short amount of time I interviewed Fred Rodriguez, Kristin Armstrong, David Zabriskie, and Christian VandeVelde. I was able to talk to Fred first and then Kristin was next. She was a great interview and had plenty to say. When I told her that David Z was coming […]


The first day in Vegas was reconnecting with people we hadn’t seen since last year. As much of my communication is done via email, it is nice to put a name with a face. I call up Tony Cruz and see what he’s up to for tonight. I know Tony from interviews and we live […]

Test of the mobile blogging system

Floyd and David kicking back at the Sinclair Party ’05. The irony of Floyd’s shirt does not escape me. This is a test of my mobile blogging. I’ll be trying to blog on the fly at Interbike. I won’t be blogging about the newest stuff because that will be covered by everyone else. I’ll be […]