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Free beer is good

Lessons from the Felt bike launch

It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to a product launch. Early last week I flew out to my old stomping grounds of Southern California to visit the guys at Felt Bicycles. They were showcasing their 2014 line and attending it were about 30 journalists all there to check out the upcoming Felt bikes. My review […]


Fading tees and memories

I’ve been to many press junkets, product launches, team presentations, press rooms, races and fun rides, and the common thread is one thing – free t-shirts. I got the inspiration for this post from Steve Tilford who blogged about the many cycling socks he’s amassed through the years – quite the collection. By far the […]

Rear Brake

Beware marketing driven advancements

Aerodynamic design has hit the forefront this season with the marketing folks. Sure, some bike companies have been ahead of the curve, aerodynamically speaking, such as Cervelo, Blue, and Kestral to name a few. Recently the Big Dogs in the bike industry, Specialized and Trek, have weighed in with aero-road bikes. I’m all for it […]


Nike is Dope

Stating the obvious – I’m no marketing guy. In fact I do things that make marketing guys wince – but regardless – have you seen Nike’s new tee-shirt line? Is this a good concept to run with considering the times athletics are in? The image on the $20 shirt is of an overturned prescription bottle […]