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It’s press junket season!

It’s that time of year where companies unveil their ’09 products. I’m in San Jose for the Specialized launch and right now I’m in the back seat of a large sedan that is taking me to my hotel. I’ll blog about the new stuff Specialized is going to dazzle us with. For now though when …

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My first post. How exciting!

After several focus groups and committee meetings I’ve decided to name my blog, “Browne Eye.” There are several reasons. One is that it’s an obvious reference to my last name. It was also a nickname my BFF gave me about 15 years ago. Further it references my fondness for scatological humor (Think about it. I …

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LAX here I come!

This is my mantra when traveling to a foreign country Today I fly to Milan for another bike show. I haven’t had a trip in a while that has required a passport, so my anxiety about this trip has ratcheted up a couple of notches. By nature I tend to worry. I used to worry …

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