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Automobile influence on the bike industry

With air slicing design, coupled with a mechanical beauty and visually pleasing color schemes, it’s no wonder that several bike companies have used automobiles as inspiration. Ferrari has been a muse to Colnago for several years. According to the Colnago site the first Ferrari badged Colnago was the CF-1 with a limited production run of […]

Is this the new pro cycling meme?

Remember the Dirk Hofman Motorhome banners we’d see in the final 100 meters of all the classics. So far this year I haven’t seen them. However, this guy seems to have taken his spot. With about 17 kilometers remaining in the Tour of Flanders and then again at the finish this guy was waving his […]

Belgian spectators at Flanders

Check out the spectator that gets spun around by Sebastian Langeveld. He steps away from the crash like he wasn’t involved. He starts to approach Langeveld, but then turns around and returns to his group. That’s a dick move in my book not to even check how serious Sebastian hurt! According to Cyclingnews Langeveld was […]

My Danny Pate interview and fate of the US Pro

I was walking down Main Street from the finish line of the US Pro road race to the post-race press conference. It was 2008 and Tyler Hamilton had just won the national championships in Greenville, South Carolina in a photo finish sprint with Blake Caldwell of Garmin-Chipotle (now Garmin-Barracuda). Teammate of Caldwell, Danny Pate, finished […]

Frankie returns to the Tour de France

I interviewed Frankie Andreu, director of the Kenda/5 Hour Energy presented by Geargrinder team the other week for CyclingNews. The site wanted an interview about the team, what was going on at the training camp and who were the new guys. There’s some information that I get that just doesn’t make it onto, so […]

The 2014 Shiv road bike?

If you’ve ever gone to a car trade show you’ll see prototype cars that will never make it onto the highway. Known as “concept cars,” these are a rolling laboratory for ideas that might dribble down to other projects. They are also great for marketing as it shows to the public that they are always […]