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Stirring the Winds of Change

It was with some disappointment that I read Darach McQuiad’s tweet from Friday, October 14th. “Momentarily irked by bloggers. Q – any cycling blogger out there actually, EVER, achieved or created anything in this sport? Risked any €$ ?” For those who don’t know Darach is the brother of UCI president Pat McQuaid. Darach is […]

The fate of Team RadioShack

The rumor mill has been working overtime lately in regards to Team RadioShack. Domestically the team has had great success with overall victories in the Amgen Tour of California, Tour of Utah and Pro Cycling Challenge (AKA-Tour of Colorado). However, in the races that matter in Europe (Tour de France, the Classics) they scored a […]

Lance Armstrong

An open letter to Lance Armstrong

I know we’ve had our differences and words were exchanged. I suspect that the ugliness might have been influenced by a couple of late night Michelob Ultras. I’m willing to put aside our differences: you thinking I’m a complete douchebag, me disappointed about your actions as someone who doped to win the Tour de France […]

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge – will it live up to the hype?

After months of press releases and name changes the USA Pro Cycling Challenge stage race is upon us. The prologue starts in Colorado Springs on a mostly downhill course which has team mechanics scrambling for 60-tooth big-rings. However, before Carlos Eduardo Alzate Escobar of Team Exergy takes his first pedal strokes down the starting ramp to kick-off […]

Thor Hushovd joins BMC in 2012

The speculation finally came to an end today – Thor Hushovd is joining BMC in 2012 for three years at an undisclosed amount. To quote the BMC press release, “Exact terms of Hushovd’s contract are not being disclosed other than the deal extends through the end of the 2014 season.” We can be assured that the big Norwegian’s deal […]

Rock Racing is better off dead

Out of the blue the Rock Racing twitter account sputtered to life with the message, “Hey everyone, get ready for some exciting news about Rock Racing!” Honestly I took this announcement with a grain of salt as I suspected that a @FakeFloydLandis had hacked the account and was going to randomly post links to porn […]

So you’ve been blocked

Eventually it happens to all of us. You’re on Twitter and a certain someone’s tweets no longer show up in your feed. You swear you follow them, but you double-check anyways – just to be sure. Strangely your Twitter client of choice reports you’re not following that person. You quickly click “follow” but it won’t […]