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Discovery Channel dream rider

I’m all for time-sucking distractions when I should be working. If you remember, back in December I did a Floyd Landis and David Zabriskie dancing elf video, courtesy of Office Max. I was amused for days. Discovery Channel has come up with a similar thing to showcase their commitment to go green. You can superimpose …

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Random TdF Comments

I’ve just finished watching the live Versus coverage and had a few comments/observations. The fear that the crowds wouldn’t show up were unfounded. It seemed to me that the entire course was lined on both sides of the street. Liggett said the crowd was three deep over the entire course. I was hoping that my …

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Hearing results and thoughts on the TdF prologue

According to a Belgium website, the three arbitrators are going to announce their verdict either later today or tomorrow. I’m a bit skeptical. In either case it’s crappy timing. Just when the world should be focusing on the Tour, the verdict will completely over shadow the day. That said, I just want this affair to …

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The ignorance of the mass media

I often listen to call-in press conferences. Most of the time press conferences aren’t too interesting. By the time the press conference is called, most bike editors already know the news. It’s mostly to get the mass media clued in to what’s going on. So when Versus had a press conference about their Tour de …

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