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Reaching into the ROAD blog letterbag

In an effort to answer questions posed to me on the blog and to my email, I’ll try and answer some queries. Dan P asks…Hey, that’s really cool! At the end of the film someone says “It was supposed to break.” Did they elaborate on what the expected result was? I’m wondering if they’re testing …

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Armstrong and Landis: Compare and Contrast

After riding with two Tour de France Champions, Armstrong and Landis, my BFF at Bicycling Magazine and I couldn’t help but note a few comparisons. When we rode with Landis at his Power Tap training camp we were almost arrested by the local sheriff for blocking traffic. Riding with Armstrong we had a police escort. …

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Riding the Madone

Riding the Madone on Friday This was going to be my post about riding the new Madone 5.2. However in the chaos that is a huge event like the Trek 100 charity ride, someone took my Madone before the ride even started. It even had my name decaled to the top tube! I searched for …

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