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Fifth Street Cross

“Hey, since you’re up here for the Mercer Cup you might as well come up a day early and do Fifth Street Cross.” And with that spontaneous thought from my BFF Cush, I decided to load two duffel bags with enough cycling clothes to be prepared for any type of adverse weather conditions. “There might […]

I’m a winner!

Pinning it to the finish line. And yes, that is a white skinsuit… Photo courtesy: Fitness Chick “Don’t embarrass us!” These are the kind words that fellow ROAD Magazine editor Tim “The Scrambler” Schamber told me in the van as he drove me to the Cross Vegas race. Photographer Carson Blume and ROAD columnist Josh […]

Training is over rated

It is getting nearer to Cross Vegas which should mean one thing, I should be training. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case. Damn work and travel has screwed up my plans to dominate the Media category at the race. Neighbor Tony Cruz has been talking smack about how he is doing to kill it at […]

My ‘cross to bear

Yes I am really wearing my Team Waffle House hat everywhere I go. That’s the owner of Banning’s bikes, Banning Fiber-Ostrow. How cool is that name! In an effort to decompress from my traveling and to get back into a better frame of mind I have thrown myself into cross training. And much like Silas […]