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Third times a charm

I was feeling good. Not “riding with no chain” good, but good enough to take the front row during staging of the Turkey Trot cyclocross race. The Scott felt good and I was knew how it would react in most circumstances. That was my first mistake. “Go!” and we were off. I tucked in behind […]

Cyclocrossing with SRAM

Part of my job description is to try and break stuff. What I mean by that is I put bikes, equipment and anything else that crosses my desk through real world abuse to see what happens. Now I don’t “huck” stuff off the roof to see if it survives, but I either race or train […]

Cyclocrossing in Idaho

I’ve been coast to coast participating in some really amazing cyclocross events. Starcrossed in Seattle is an epic race that reinvigorates your cyclocross soul. The Crankbrothers series is important in the quest for valuable UCI points. But without regional events we would not have discovered the Tim Johnson, Barry Wicks, or Ryan Trebons of cyclocross. […]

No Landis news

I think this is the coolest Landis photo This blog has absolutely no news about Floyd Landis. I’m sure he is at home rehabbing, but that is only an unsubstantiated claim. Anyways, I got nothing today… Tim and I are finishing up the magazine for Friday. However, I’m leaving for Idaho Thursday for a cyclocross […]

Sunday in Gloucester

I’m on a waiting list for the Category C race, so before they give out numbers for us slackers who registered late, I have time to take a quick lap. The C’dale is dialed in and I’m hoping I’m the same. I come back after a quick half lap warm up to registration and they […]

Saturday in Gloucester

I was supposed to race today, but there was a little confusion regarding my racing license. I’m a Cat 3 on the road and the races I’ve competed in this cyclocross season have been Masters or B. I honestly have even really looked at my racing license since I got it back in January and […]

Going to cyclocross class

I’m no complete rookie to the world of cyclocross. My dad got me interested in cyclocross with cool stories that usually ended up with someone either getting really drunk (check my profile for the quick Browne family history) or dying because of a crash, or both. During the cx season I’ll hit several races, and […]