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Landis hopes to see UCI in court

Earlier today the UCI issued a statement initiating legal action against Floyd Landis for making “numerous unacceptable public statements.” The UCI claims that Landis’ public statements have “caused cycling serious harm.” Included in Landis’ many statements are accusations that cycling’s governing body has concealed a positive doping result by seven-time Tour de France champion Lance […]

The Paul Kimmage/ Floyd Landis Interview

We are grateful to Regis Croes, A Reader Who Took it upon himself “to translate this. As Was The Case With The Français original , all sites are welcome to take this text and publish it.Thanks, Regis! In 2010, Paul Kimmage interviewed Floyd Landis, a few days before Thanksgiving [Thursday, November 25, 2010 (translator's note)]. Their conversation, which […]

New Bissell team rider Andy Baker

The Southeast continues to be a hothouse for developing talented riders. Last year Greenville, South Carolina resident and Furman College history student Andy Baker was an elite amateur rider. In 2008 he’d been a pro for the Time pro team and in 2009 a stagiaire for Mountain Khakis. In 2010 he returned to the amateur […]

John Murphy of Team BMC interview

Most people get to celebrate their birthday with friends, family and cake. John Murphy however isn’t just like most people when it comes to birthdays. The Athens, Georgia resident is a member of the BMC squad and is attending a pre-season training camp in Spain which just happened to coincide with his birthday. However the […]