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My Plaid Thermos: Coaching, Buzz, Tour of California, going solo, and Sutherland videos

This week I put on my coaching hat and conducted three back to back anaerobic threshold tests in the basement of Hincapie Sports. Getting this number will help them calculate their training zones and fine tune their training efforts. Now I hope they actually train within the prescribed heart rate zones. When I talk to …

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My Plaid Thermos: The Twitter war is over, The Art of War and Androids

Well it looks like the Twitter war is over before it even got started. Vaughters has clarified his “soft-pedaling” comment on the Versus site, much to my disappointment. I was hoping that it was going to elevate to some real back and forth, possibly dragging Wiggins into the fight creating a virtual Twitter “death-match” – …

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My Plaid Thermos: Qatar crashes, Twitter war, Landis and Greenville Spring Series

I told you that there would be crashes with broken collar bones at the Tour of Qatar. Vaughters twittered that Cozza broke his collar bone and Sky’s Kurt Arvesen also went down in the neutral roll-out. And with the cross and side winds being part of the race you can expect more of the same. …

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My Plaid Thermos

Welcome to my semi-daily column of my thoughts called “My Plaid Thermos.” Why such the abstract name? It’s homage to the Wolfman and his philosophic thoughts. (If you haven’t watched the Wolfman videos, they are posted on my main page.) Basically, you are expecting a certain something, but in the end it’s something entirely else – it’s …

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