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South Carolina State Road Race Championships

Saturday’s South Carolina state road race championships finish ended in controversy. Justin Lowe, one of seven surviving racers crossed the finish line first. However, the moto official relegated Lowe for crossing the center line in order to advance his position in the field. Although his fellow racers defended Lowe the officials stuck to the letter […]

2010 Atlanta 10K Classic: 100K Men’s Pro

The 17th annual U.S. 10K Classic held in Atlanta, Georgia has approximately 11,000 runners, walkers, cyclists and inline skaters competing on one of America’s most challenging courses, raising awareness and funds for children’s charities and the development of the World Children’s Center. Its 100K Men’s Pro road race is one of the most well known […]

Friday Night Fights – Gaffney, SC

The first Friday Night Fights criterium was held in Downtown Gaffney, South Carolina.  While the turn-out wasn’t huge, this will change as the word spreads about this great new event.  The racing was still exciting to watch in this historic setting. The wide, rectangular four corner loop offered safe racing conditions, but a slight gradient […]