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The Southern California fires

A photo taken from the roof of the Oakley building in Irvine. I appreciate the people that have emailed me concerning the fires that are raging through Southern California. Where I live until very recently the sky has been grey with ash, coating everything. I just got off the phone with a firefighter friend of …

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ROAD Magazine’s official statement on Kid Rock’s arrest

As emails pour into the ROAD Magazine website, as well as the [email protected] blog, we at ROAD are forced to comment on the unfortunate arrest of Kid Rock at an Atlanta Waffle House. ROAD Magazine has always considered a Waffle House as a sanctuary for peace and good times. Nothing brings locals as well as …

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The best $28 I ever spent

Usually I forget to go to the mailbox and get my mail. However that all changed after I ordered my safety orange Team Waffle House cap. Breathlessly every day I listened for the postman’s footsteps, hoping that my cap would arrive. But alas, no cap. As I arrived home from my ride today I saw …

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