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ThinFolio Wallet Review

  A man’s wallet is like a purse. We jam a lot of crap in there and quite frankly, we don’t know why. Gas receipt from two weeks ago – yeah I got that. A one-year old Cinnabon receipt from the Boulder airport that I saved because I was going to write off that goopy, …

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Cycling books for summer reading

Summer is the time to slow down and crack open a book. And the way this heat is smothering the Southeast, reading a book about cycling might be the best option. Recently four books made have occupied the bed stand at Carolina Cycling News: The Happiness of Pursuit by Davis Phinney, The Belgian Hammer by …

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Review: The Sufferfest Fight Club

My move to an area that actually has real seasons forced me to get serious about my training alternatives. Recently when I bundled up with enough layers so I could ride outdoors, I could have been mistaken for the Michelin Man. Unfortunately, there have been times when it has reached Jens Factor HC and I …

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