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Review: The Sufferfest Fight Club

My move to an area that actually has real seasons forced me to get serious about my training alternatives. Recently when I bundled up with enough layers so I could ride outdoors, I could have been mistaken for the Michelin Man. Unfortunately, there have been times when it has reached Jens Factor HC and I […]

Hutchinson added stiffer carbon to the bead to eliminate burping

Review: Hutchinson Piranha and Bulldog cyclocross tires

I’ll be the first to admit it but I’ve always loved tubeless tires for the road. While slightly heavier the ride quality was smooth, pinch flats were eliminated and the tires felt faster. So when Hutchinson introduced the Bulldog (an aggressive knobby pattern) and Piranha (side knobbies with a low profile semi-slick center knobby pattern) […]

Wear the ID4Sports on your shoe or around your neck

Product Review: ID4Sports

Accidents โ€“ they are an unfortunate fact of participating in sports. Whether they are superficial or critical, correct medical information as well as a contact numbers are important. Whenever we participate in a sport we sign a waiver that includes contact numbers of who to call in case of an injury. Readers of this site […]


Review: Giro Prolight Helmet

Sharp eyed viewers of the 2009 Tour de France might have noticed a slightly different looking helmet on the heads of several Giro sponsored teams during the first mountain stage. Giro was using the world wide media platform of the Tour to unveil their lightest helmet โ€“ the Prolight. The primary characteristic of the Prolight […]