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Leipheimer, Phinney & Louder arrive in Greenville

With the days ticking down to the Greenville Hospital System US Pro weekend the contenders are rolling into town. Spotted in the downtown Greenville bike shop, Carolina Triathlon, were Levi Leipheimer, Taylor Phinney and hometown hero George Hincapie. Carolina Triathlon mechanic Brandon Lee helped Leipheimer out with some pre-ride bike adjustments. “George, Taylor and Levi …

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Sunshine Cycle Shop Hour of Power

The October issue of Bicycling Magazine printed the top 50 shop rides in the U.S. and Greenville’s Sunshine Cycle Shop “Hour of Power” ride is among those listed. The ride rolls out at 7:45 AM on Saturday for 28 to 30 miles, returning back to the shop around 9:30 where coffee will be waiting. While …

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2010 Atlanta 10K Classic: 100K Men’s Pro

The 17th annual U.S. 10K Classic held in Atlanta, Georgia has approximately 11,000 runners, walkers, cyclists and inline skaters competing on one of America’s most challenging courses, raising awareness and funds for children’s charities and the development of the World Children’s Center. Its 100K Men’s Pro road race is one of the most well known …

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