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I’m sexy and I know it

The internet was created for two reasons and this video is one of the reasons. The Bike Gallery in Jacksonville, North Carolina took the club song, “Sexy and I know it” by LMFAO and created a spoof video. To say that is “just awesome” is not giving the producers full credit. The two minutes and […]

Bad ass goatee? Check!

Floyd Landis on Bradley Wiggins interview

The sporting world has gone ape-shit crazy over Sport’s Illustrated article on alleged doping by seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong. But really for most of us there isn’t much new information. Sure the Don Catlin accusations are interesting and will surely cause the “Master of P.R. Disaster” Mark Fabini to clock in […]


Floyd Landis interview – the whole truth and nothing but

Articulate, crazy, bi-polar, and annoying (!!!) are all words that have been used to describe Floyd Landis. Recently the former Tour de France winner traveled to Australia as a guest of an anti-doping conference. Officials and some riders were upset thinking that Landis’ presence at the conference would overshadow the World Championships. However Alberto Contador’s […]