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Now I can die happy

Prototype SRAM levers Back in March I posted about a photo of me that was used in Triathlete Magazine with the heading, ‘World’s biggest poser.’ I thought it was funny and knew that the guys at Triathlete weren’t being mean to me. My last sentence in the post stated; “Now if I can get mentioned …

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I’ve got image issues

At the Redlands Classic and I’m feeling fat Against my better judgment I stepped on the bathroom scale for the first time in a long while. I knew it wasn’t going to pretty as I have had a few road trips and not eating food that’s good for me (i.e. Waffle House). To my horror …

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Random stuff from Idaho

Not quite sure what it means, but I like it… I went mountain biking for the first time in about eight years and didn’t kill myself! I’m going to try and do a few XC races next year with fellow magazine editor Mark Jordan (decline) This is the trail we rode. New Scott road shoes …

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