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Trust me, I know what I’m doing

When I returned from the Tour de Georgia I discovered that I was invited to participate in this year’s Etape du Tour. This is a mass start ride that covers stage 10 of this year’sTour de France. That means 165k which “scales the famed Tourmalet and finishes atop Hautacam. The L’Étape is a no-nonsense ride/race […]

Happy Paris-Roubaix Day!

The infamous Fullerton Loop Paris-Roubaix has always been my favorite one-day race. It’s the combination of a strong rider, with a bit of good luck, that always wins this race. That said, riders have come out of the woodwork and won in the past like Knaven and Guesdon. So in honor of Roubaix, Banning’s Bikes […]

Pedaling techinque video

I was lucky to have Nate Loyal fit me to my Raleigh and Scott bike yesterday. I’ve posted a video of Nate demonstrating proper pedaling technique on the ROAD Magazine site. You can also check out Nate and his coaching services at I was also lucky to have my favorite metrosexual hairdresser Slover cut […]

A new obsession

In the continual quest to not burnout and fade away, I’m getting reacquainted with mountain biking. Back in the day, I did have a bike that required 26 inch wheels, but due to living in a very urban area and the effort it took to actually get to dirt, I got rid of it. When […]

I’ve got image issues

At the Redlands Classic and I’m feeling fat Against my better judgment I stepped on the bathroom scale for the first time in a long while. I knew it wasn’t going to pretty as I have had a few road trips and not eating food that’s good for me (i.e. Waffle House). To my horror […]

The seventh deadly sin

Sarah wins three golds just as she is on the cover of ROAD. Coincidence? I don’t think so… It was quite the busy week. There were the three days of track racing at the ADT velodrome and I had to continue training for my upcoming camp visits. You ask, “Why do you need to train […]

Why pros should ride with me

Tim Johnson absorbing maximum Neil mojo As I looked back at the past season and reflected I couldn’t help but notice that the pros who rode with me had a successful season. Early last year I rode with Tony Cruz a few times. Last season he rode strongly and notched up an overall win at […]

Riding in the ‘Bu

Reach Up For The Sunrise, Put Your Hands In To The Big Sky! You Can Touch The Sunrise, Feel The New Day Into Your Life! -Duran Duran My cell phone was blowing up. I don’t have ring tones. Not for family or friends. I find them annoying. That said, one person has their own Duran […]