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I’ve got image issues

At the Redlands Classic and I’m feeling fat Against my better judgment I stepped on the bathroom scale for the first time in a long while. I knew it wasn’t going to pretty as I have had a few road trips and not eating food that’s good for me (i.e. Waffle House). To my horror […]


The seventh deadly sin

Sarah wins three golds just as she is on the cover of ROAD. Coincidence? I don’t think so… It was quite the busy week. There were the three days of track racing at the ADT velodrome and I had to continue training for my upcoming camp visits. You ask, “Why do you need to train […]


Why pros should ride with me

Tim Johnson absorbing maximum Neil mojo As I looked back at the past season and reflected I couldn’t help but notice that the pros who rode with me had a successful season. Early last year I rode with Tony Cruz a few times. Last season he rode strongly and notched up an overall win at […]


Riding in the ‘Bu

Reach Up For The Sunrise, Put Your Hands In To The Big Sky! You Can Touch The Sunrise, Feel The New Day Into Your Life! -Duran Duran My cell phone was blowing up. I don’t have ring tones. Not for family or friends. I find them annoying. That said, one person has their own Duran […]