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Photo taken after our first contract meeting

More transfer news, with a poll as well!!

I’ve got more top secret news to throw into the rider transfer rumor-mill mix. Rahsaan Bahati is going to announce news tomorrow regarding the formation of a new team. Currently I’m embroiled in some intense negotiations with Bahati for my signature on a pro contract for 2010. However, there are a few sticking points. Currently […]

Cruz is headed to Rock Racing in 2010

Update – Transfer rumors

UPDATE I just had an email exchange with Tony Cruz of BMC and he confirmed he’s  riding for Rock in 2010. Cruz is another rider with European experience and proved his worth in the 2005 Giro when he was a teammate to Paolo Savoldelli, that year’s overall winner. Since then he’s been the consummate teammate […]


I saw this coming a mile away

Talk about the obvious happening. Basso is not returning to CSC. It’s like dumping your girlfriend the night before prom and then trying to get her back the folowing day. Good luck with that! If I was a betting man I’d say Ivan is headed to Discovery. Basso would have Levi, George, and Tommy D […]