Crazy interviews

These past two hours were crazy! In that short amount of time I interviewed Fred Rodriguez, Kristin Armstrong, David Zabriskie, and Christian VandeVelde. I was able to talk to Fred first and then Kristin was next. She was a great interview and had plenty to say. When I told her that David Z was coming […]


The first day in Vegas was reconnecting with people we hadn’t seen since last year. As much of my communication is done via email, it is nice to put a name with a face. I call up Tony Cruz and see what he’s up to for tonight. I know Tony from interviews and we live […]


Test of the mobile blogging system

Floyd and David kicking back at the Sinclair Party ’05. The irony of Floyd’s shirt does not escape me. This is a test of my mobile blogging. I’ll be trying to blog on the fly at Interbike. I won’t be blogging about the newest stuff because that will be covered by everyone else. I’ll be […]