Hincapie Party Photos part deux

In varies states of sobriety I took these photos with a small digital camera . No animals were harmed… These ladies are the marshalls at most of the big bike races in the U.S. They hate me. Self-portrait with Levi and Dave Tim says, “Hi” to Levi Me and Levi-BFF Lucas doing the “robot” or […]


Riding with Nathan O’Neill

Immediately after the USA Cycling professional road race in Greenville I loaded up my rental car for a solo trip to Dahlonega, Georgia. The purpose? I was going to ride with Nathan O’Neill of Health Net and check out his favorite rides. Sure I was tired from five extremely busy days in Greenville, but hey, […]


Road Race in Greenville

Greenville, South Carolina lived up to any expectations that USA Cycling must have had. The tough course separated the wheat from the chaff and a worthy champion took the title. Estimated reports had 50,000 people lining the course, all cheering for their resident, George Hincapie. At the start/finish line the crowds lined both sides of […]