I have a dream…

The idea to do a special commemorative Tour of California issue/book came to us at lunch. I think it was Mexican food. First, we thought we’d do 20 pages on the stage race. But then we decided to do a whole issue to the Tour. Why not? It was in our backyard, major European, as […]


Lets get the facts straight!

I’m a night-owl and like to sleep in late. This past Thursday, 7:00 a.m., I was awakened by a phone call from my publisher. As a rule I don’t answer my publisher’s calls and let them go to voice mail. “Neil, wake up! They found Floyd positive. Find out what’s going on and call me […]

It’s July so I must be in Canada

Stating the obvious, July is a busy month for the bike world. There is this big bike race going on in Europe, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, and bike companies are busy getting their catalogs and ready for the year 2007. For H3 Publications this is the month that we invite the bike industry […]


My White Whale

Training at El Dorado Park, Long Beach Call me Neil Fitness is like Captain Ahab’s White Whale. Like Ahab, I’ve chased the White Whale, thinking it was just around the corner. To quote Captain Ahab, “I’ll follow him around the Horn, and around the Norway maelstrom, and around perdition’s flames before I give him up.” […]


Riding the stones of Paris-Roubaix

We drove for about an hour to where we were going to start our ride on the cobbles. Previously, we were scheduled to ride the Paris-Roubaix Randoneer ride, but smarter heads prevailed. Specialized realized that if they threw a bunch of editors onto the course, with about 4000 other riders, there would be mayhem. The […]