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Mammoth Mountain Stage Race

Head Badges and Soul

I picked up the January issue of Bicycling Magazine the other day. When I say, “picked up” I mean purchased it electronically. As I scrolled through one article caught my attention – Badges of Distinction by Leon Dixon. It’s a good article about the history of badges that are placed on the head tubes of […]

So true...

Fifth Street Cross

“Hey, since you’re up here for the Mercer Cup you might as well come up a day early and do Fifth Street Cross.” And with that spontaneous thought from my BFF Cush, I decided to load two duffel bags with enough cycling clothes to be prepared for any type of adverse weather conditions. “There might […]

Checking in with my little buddy at TransRocky

This is the email I got from Mike this morning, “You’re a funny guy.Yes, I’m finishing this one.” Well let’s not count our chickens before they hatch. What he doesn’t realize is that I’ve used reverse psychology in order to goad him into finishing. My verbal jabs have made him dig deep and finish the […]