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Lance Armstrong

An open letter to Lance Armstrong

I know we’ve had our differences and words were exchanged. I suspect that the ugliness might have been influenced by a couple of late night Michelob Ultras. I’m willing to put aside our differences: you thinking I’m a complete douchebag, me disappointed about your actions as someone who doped to win the Tour de France …

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Armstrong - like the kookaburra - is known to produce 5-7 offspring each year.

The Santos Tour Down Under: A Preview

If there is one person that I am constantly re-twittering it ‘s Dan Wuori aka @dwuori. In a span of 140 words he delivers a cycling punchline that leaves you LOLing . If you are on Twitter immediately start following this very funny guy! So after much begging and [email protected] agreed to write something for my blog. With …

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