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Dad winning some race somewhere

My Irish dad

I’ve been called by various people the joker of the cycling industry, described as “someone who loves the sport enough to laugh at it” and I often enjoy a joke at my own expense. I’ve also been known to get into fights, yell at people, drink more than what is socially acceptable and be too […]

Zirbel at US Pro TT

Here we go again…

My parents have just returned from a month long vacation in Spain, courtesy of their pensioner’s fund. Or it might have been some deal my mother got. Either way they became Spain’s problem for almost a month. With their return my dad calls me to get caught up with all the news. “Hey, what’s this I […]

My dad second from the right

Conversations with my father

My cell phone’s “alarm” ringtone woke me out of my usual 3:00 PM nap. I have that ringtone set for only two people and I know that one of those will no longer call (mental note – remove that person from contacts), so it could only be one other person. The European phone number prefix […]


I loathe birthdays

It’s been awhile since I spoke to or about my parents. Like most loyal British subjects, when the weather turns cold they head to warmer climes and my parents had fallen off the grid. We’re not a chatty family anyways so it’s not unusual for them to call me up and tell me that the […]