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Sevilla overall winner  CREDIT: Alex Aguirre

Rock Racing is better off dead

Out of the blue the Rock Racing twitter account sputtered to life with the message, “Hey everyone, get ready for some exciting news about Rock Racing!” Honestly I took this announcement with a grain of salt as I suspected that a @FakeFloydLandis had hacked the account and was going to randomly post links to porn […]


Rock denied Pro Continental status

The UCI posted their list of 2010 Pro Continental teams and Rock Racing was not included. With aspirations of racing in Europe, this is a set back for the team. Team owner Michael Ball issued a statement. “We’re obviously very disappointed but are working diligently to satisfy every requirement that is being asked of us. […]


Opening up the mailbag

It has been awhile since I blogged. I have various excuses. Most notable excuse was the Amgen Tour of California. Once we returned from that it was time to spew forth that issue. We finished the other day and it is 140 plus pages devoted to just the race. So to ease myself back into […]