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Race radio ban

I wrote this piece just before the Tour de France for the Astana website in response to the organizer’s ban on race radios in two stages. Now that the topic has resurfaced as the UCI is proposing phasing out two-way race radios. While there hasn’t been a time line established when exactly the radios will […]

Douche of the month goes to…

Last month I didn’t get around to my douche of the month award because I was a douche myself and didn’t get around to it. But just to get you up to speed, last month’s douche was Cadel Evans. “Whaaa, don’t touch my slightly injured shoulder” or my favorite or “I’ll cut your head off […]

Tour de France horn ringtone

I’ll say this right away, ringtones are stupid and nine times out of ten very embarrassing. However this all changed very recently. On my last press junket I went to the A2 wind tunnel to check out the aerodynamics of the Specialized helmets and bikes. During the Tour, Nic Sims from Specialized had his film […]

Update your damn blog!

I dropped off of the blogosphere last month because we were all consumed by yearly Tour de France fever. Also I really wasn’t doing anything that was blog worthy (not that this post may be either). I didn’t go anywhere or do much of anything. Tim did a great job of carrying the ROAD Magazine […]

The ignorance of the mass media

I often listen to call-in press conferences. Most of the time press conferences aren’t too interesting. By the time the press conference is called, most bike editors already know the news. It’s mostly to get the mass media clued in to what’s going on. So when Versus had a press conference about their Tour de […]