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Greenville looks forward to the USA Cycling Championships

At the Falls Plaza Park in downtown Greenville, BMC’s George Hincapie was joined by event organizers and representatives from the event’s many partners, including Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center (GHS), marking its fifth year in partnership and fourth year as the event’s title sponsor. The USA Cycling Championship’s date was moved to due to […]


Warning, may contain nut parts

I’m in Greenville at the time trial minding my own business. As I’m wandering around someone I know who works for the race sees me and walks over. “Are you staying out of trouble?” she jokingly asks. At this point I’m suffering from a sever case of swamp-ass due to the extreme humidity of the […]

Hincapie Party ’07 and wrap-up

Well we have just woken up from an epic post-race party at the Hincapie headquarters. The men of the weekend, Dave and Levi, were naturally in attendance. Dave did leave early as he has got to get back to training for the upcoming Worlds. Levi hung out longer as his last race of the year […]