On the road again

I thought blogging on the road would be easy. Instead it was a chore. When we were at the Tour of Utah, finding a cafe with internet was a challenge. Then when I could bogart wi-fi I had to spend the time on it working instead of blogging. C’est la vie. Overall the Tour of Utah was fantastic. Great courses, great people, great racing. We are going big with this race in ROAD. I hope it gets a deserved spot on the UCI calendar.

Here are a few random things that happened or observed:
Snuck into a Nickleback concert. A tip: walk in with a quiver of cameras and an attitude that says you belong there.
The locals call the squirrels ‘pot-guts’
It was the hardest stage race in the States.
In Utah beer is only 4% alcohol.
The altitude at Snow Bird (9000 feet) will kick your ass which makes up for the water-downed beer and booze.



  1. gwadzilla says:


    crossing over from MYSPACE to the BLOG

    less hot chics and more words here

    guess hot chics do not have much to say

  2. Neil@ROAD says:

    No recent Floyd news. Check out the blog, Free Floyd Landis. I have a link to it on my main page. He reports, from what I’ve seen, unbaised information.

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