Crazy interviews

These past two hours were crazy! In that short amount of time I interviewed Fred Rodriguez, Kristin Armstrong, David Zabriskie, and Christian VandeVelde. I was able to talk to Fred first and then Kristin was next. She was a great interview and had plenty to say. When I told her that David Z was coming up to our room next, she hung out and asked Dave some questions. It was surreal to see all these top athletes hanging out in our room, eatting pizza and joking around. David Z was his usual wacky self and did some funny poses. I’ve never spoken to Christian before, but he was cool and easy to interview.

Me and the Zabriskies

From left to right: Al Crawford (Senior Photographer/ROAD) Kristin Armstrong, Tim, Randi Zabriskie, a friend of Doug Katona, and super-agent Doug Katona