The first day in Vegas was reconnecting with people we hadn’t seen since last year. As much of my communication is done via email, it is nice to put a name with a face.

I call up Tony Cruz and see what he’s up to for tonight. I know Tony from interviews and we live in the same city, so we bump into each other often. He has to go to a team dinner, but maybe we’ll hook up later. Dinner sounds good, so Tim and I with our pre-press guy Paul and graphics guy, Neil (yep another Neil works for H3 Publications) brave the casino in search of dinner. The Venetian is a labyrinth and we promptly get lost. Finally after bumbling around, we find the shopping center and a decent restaurant. However, our boss is also eating here and we now have an impromptu business meeting. All I want to do is eat my shrimp burrito and get back to our room. Tony Cruz and JJ Haedo call to see what’s up, they are walking around looking for something to do. We have no plans or ideas on what to do except have a few drinks in our room. Yep, exciting stuff…

Tim and I this year did some thinking about our drinking. Instead of buying beer out here at inflated prices, we brought our own. Our bathroom sink is filled with ice, keeping our beverages nice and chilled for post-Interbike stress relief.

Our first meeting of the day is coming up, so we gotta get down to the convention center. I’ll keep my eyes open, my camera ready and try to do a quick blog later. Tonight is also the infamous Sinclair party! I’ll have some great photos from that!