The buzz at Interbike

The SRAM booth continues to have a lot of traffic due to their road group. Last year it was the buzz because they had just unveiled it. Now that it is avalible people seem to be clamoring for it. We were wondering how far FSA is in making their own group…

We picked up pair of tubless tires from Hutchinson. Shimano is making a tubless wheel, but Mavic and FSA is taking a wait and see aproach to the tubless tire. People who have riden the new tubless tire say it’s the best thing since sliced bread. As soon as I get home I’m mounting them onto the pair of Shimano wheels and see if the hype is true.

On Wednesday night was the Sinclair Party and it lived up to its reputation as the party to be at. Everyone who is anyone is there. I was in classic form which means drinking martinis for way too long and waking up in the morning thinking I’m getting too old for this! So Tim and I took a more conservative approach last night. We ate dinner at a nice Italian restaurant and went to bed watching Charlie Rose.

I’m interviewing Mario Cippollini in a few hours and I’ll let you know how it goes.