Floyd Landis Interview

I just interviewed Floyd and we spoke about what is going on with him right now. The topics included his hip surgery and what is the prognosis, when does he think he’ll be racing again, his Floyd Landis Foundation, what did he think of the Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson marriage, what does BMC stand for and if he was a woman he could sue me for sexual harrassment. It was a good interview.

I’ll post more as time permits. We’re under deadline so I don’t have a lot of time for blogging.

What the hell does BMC mean?

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  1. Agent Futura says:

    OK, I’m tired of reading 7000 posts from wannbe experts on the cycling boards and by a few degrees of seperation found your blog. I want to know

    1. Did you ask him what the purpose of going on to the Daily Peleton was and will he stay on?

    2. Does he expect to ride at the elite level he road before his operation

    3. If so who would he like to ride for as a good fit?

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