Saturday in Gloucester

I was supposed to race today, but there was a little confusion regarding my racing license. I’m a Cat 3 on the road and the races I’ve competed in this cyclocross season have been Masters or B. I honestly have even really looked at my racing license since I got it back in January and I’ve been racing in the wrong category. Unbeknownst to me, they are now categorizing cyclocross. So I am, in fact, a Cat 4 in cross. This is where things take a turn for the worst. Like I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I’d been signed up in the Master’s A, so when I went to sign in I wasn’t on the list. I’d already missed the 4’s race so I was SOL. Like my mom used to say, worse things happen at sea. So I walked around, took a bunch of pictures and ate a lot of Lyne’s sandwiches. She is by far the best sandwich and banana bread maker ever! Tomorrow I am signed up to race the 4’s at 9:00 AM – an early start but not too bad.

These guys were from Haiti and arrived today just for the race. Unfortunately, the airlines lost some of their luggage and they needed to borrow a pair of shoes and a helmet. They got a helmet, but no shoes. So the guy on the left raced in his running shoes. That guy is a stud in my book!

Yeah, that’s Horner and he didn’t get the memo about there’s no waterbottle cages in cross

Johnny Sundt was in a fighting mood

Trebon, Johnson, Wicks

Tree-Farm has the horse power

From the first lap Lyne was off the front and never to be seen again

I think I’m going to buy this house