This is why we ride

I’d been feeling sick the past few days so I hadn’t been riding. By the middle of the week I started to feel better and was feeling anxious to ride. A bunch of friends of mine were going to meet in Santa Monica and go for an easy ride up the coast. Usually when a group of guys get together for an “easy” ride, my bullshit meter sounds. Easy rides start mellow, but slowly ramp up to a pace that starts to make blood squirt out of your eyeballs. But I was promised that the pace would be easy and it would be fun, causal ride.

I carpooled up with a buddy and I was surprised to discover that a group of ten would be riding with us. Soon the hijinks started. Cameron, for some reason, was wearing a cape that could only be described as something Harry Potter would wear. It had stars and moons designs that would occasional flutter in the wind, causing a few heads to turn as be rode north through Malibu. The rest of our little peloton was comprised of racers with Category 1 status on down, including Master racers on bikes that would make ProTour team riders envious. The verbal jousting quickly began ranging from who was dating who, or the lack of dating, to their fitness. No one was left unscathed and it was a good time. As we rode north on PCH, we saw three Ferrari’s at a stop light. Where else but Malibu? Then when we were almost back to our starting spot we came across a motorcycle cop writing a ticket to a rather sullen looking driver of a Lamborghini. We all regretted not having a better camera with us than our cell phone cameras. Next ride I’ll try and bring a better camera. The cherry on top of this ride is posting up at the coffee shop, people watching, bullshiting and swapping rumors. I’ve been riding for over 20 years and it has always been that way. Pre-Starbucks when I was a Junior racer, we’d train and then hang out in front of 7-Eleven drinking Big Gulps. Good times.

As we drove back home, I thought this is why I ride. It’s not because I’m going to turn pro and live in Europe. It’s not because I’m even going to win the state championships (even though I continue to try). It is the camaraderie I share with fellow riders. I hope you have experiences similar to mine, take time out of training to participate in an “easy” ride and enjoy cycling with friends.

The League of Shit Talkers


  1. SLOVER says:

    Sweet blog, and I love reading about myself..You have got the point about riding, alot of people don’t get it.It’s all about hang out with your bro’s!And having rad bike shit..

  2. Sheila says:

    That’s why a little group of women in Central Texas have put a couple thousand miles on our new road bikes over the summer! We love beating our previous records but the BS and post-ride recovery “carbs” are THE BEST!

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