Buyer’s Guide Hell

The holiday season is a mixed bag in the magazine industry. There isn’t too much traveling that needs to be done, so we can stay home – which is good. However, it’s usually the time of year that most magazines produce a Buyer’s Guide. No one I’ve spoken to at any magazine really enjoys making one. The reason being is that there is not much of a chance to do anything creative, which I think most of us enjoy doing. In ROAD Magazine’s situation we try to accumulate information from all the bike manufacturers, rather than just a select few. What this results in is mind numbingly boring data entry. I was at the office a little late last night when I cracked. I was looking at a long list of text I still had to proof, when I said “f –this!” and stormed out. I went to Del Taco and consoled myself with two ½ pound burritos, a spicy chicken burrito, chased with a medium Coke. I paid for that rash decision this morning.

We are getting near the end of our deadline and I think things are looking good. We have all the companies; we just are missing some photos, which have been promised to us, otherwise I’m drawing stick figures for their product…

P.S. – The new issue of ROAD Magazine is on newsstands! This is our cyclocross issue, so if you’re into ‘cross you need to check this issue out! Also, we have interviews with Floyd Landis, Fred Rodriguez, David Zabriskie, Mario Cipollini, Kristin Armstrong, and Christian Vandevelde. Plus Interbike, Track Natz, Worlds and the Vuelta. All the other stuff you know and love is in there as well.