Floyd photo from the shoot

ROAD Magazine’s John Segesta has started going through some of the photos from the recent shoot we did with Floyd. This one stood out. Floyd is expressing his anger, but not at who you think…


  1. Josh Boggs says:

    Great picture! Thanks for the post on my blog. I might have some journalism questions for you later on. I might be looking for some way to kill some time between gigs, and writing seems to be pretty enjoyable for me.

  2. T-Guy J says:

    Excellent photo…

    Also, I absolutely love the mag…you guys are doing exactly what I have been looking for in a cycling magazine for a long time.


  3. Neil@ROAD says:

    We did blow through the beer in about five minutes, and maybe that’s the root of his anger, but his finger is directed to something not listed on your poll.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. dan says:

    A. The Mainstream Media, most of whom haven’t gotten it

    B. The photographer, who’s taken way too bloody long to get this shot done, or

    C. Someone else in the studio besides the photographer who’s gotten on his nerves

    Just my thoughts as a (former) photojournalist.

    – Rant

  5. strbuk says:

    As “great” as the photo is, I think Floyd needs a stylist!! If my hair looked like that I’d be giving someone the finger too!! 😉


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