1. Paige says:

    Love the Gabcast…you are such a tech star 😉 Hope you guys are having fun out there. Tell Tim I just made chocolate chip cookies.

  2. Sara Best says:

    Hi Neil,

    I love your blog and I almost died laughing when I read your description of the editorial content at Bicycling in your post the other day:

    “He works for Bicycling and apparently has all the time in the world to train between ‘How to make your abs flat in three weeks’ and ‘Climb like Armstrong’ articles.”

    I laughed even harder when I got my March issue in the mail last night and the cover shot was of a hunky guy with ripped abs with the line “Great Abs” beside him.

    Now, I have to know, did you have insider knowledge of their cover stories for this issue or was that just too perfect a coincidence.

    Sara Best

  3. Neil@ROAD says:

    Cush and I have been friends for over 10 years and have verbally abused each other for most of those years (it’s a guy thing). I did know what the cover was going to be so I couldn’t help myself to poke fun at him. Also, Bicycling always seems to be running a story on how to get great abs…

  4. Jason Schifo says:

    I got my issue of Bicycling also and was depressed in seeing that I had the “male” version of the ab cover versus the “hot” obviously non cycling chic…..Tell Cush that he needs to get his demographic right so that I am not having to look at Ab Man while I am doing my duty (Bicycling is relegated to the john library while Road gets a seat at the coffe table if that make you all feel better!)

  5. Jason Schifo says:

    See Sara you got lucky with the “hunky guy” issue. Had it gone the other way we could have horse traded 🙂
    BTW…..Why does Bicycling always have “buff” guys on the covers that surely are not thin, trim, and skeletal racers that most cyclist I know look to be. Maybe it should be renamed “Sprinting” as all the cover guys look much more like sprinters than the all-arounders/climbers. Oh well thats my rant…now I am going to go visit the throne and work on figuring out how to get those abs….. 🙂

  6. Sara Best says:

    Jason, the next time my Bicycling magazine shows up with a hot chick on the cover, it’s all yours 😉

    And I think that the reason Bicycling puts hunky non-cycling guys on the cover so often is because their readers are really more guys who like to work out and be outside but they’re into cycling about as much as they’re into running or weight lifting or whatever. That’s why they put an article about great abs on the cover rather than an article about the amazing Sarah Hammer (thanks Road).

  7. blue squirrel says:

    let me get this straight, ‘bicycling’ is a magazine???

    signed ‘only 12.53 more [less] pounds till skeletor’

    p.s. love the ROAD format, oh and MASI’s rule

  8. Jason Schifo says:

    8-10 lbs to skeletor myself though the mexican fiesta on sat night did not help. Why when I dive into the strawberry margaritas do I always find myself into a bag of cookies later???
    As for Sarah Hammer the article in the new Road was key though a little too short. The Landis team article/feature was way cool. Nice to see Lim and Ventura’s take on this all.
    And now for the award for stupid Pro Rider of the day comment goes to Bradley Wiggins….
    “I was really angry with Landis. It sickens me. He tested positive and then he was denying it. He took us riders for fools.”
    Hope he never accidentally test positive and have to fight his way out of a paper bag…

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