I wouldn’t trust these guys to lead me out of a paper bag

Allegedly his friends call him ‘one-eyed dick.’ It’s also alleged he has friends.

Why is it that the two people who have a big influence on professional cycling are the biggest nimrods? Let’s start with Dick Pound of WADA. But where do I start with Dick? I could write a thesis about that guy and his problems. His job requires him to be unbiased, yet he continues to spout erroneous facts and launch personal attacks against Landis. I would think that people should expect more from someone who is in charge of such an important organization.

McQuaid about to metaphorically shoot himself in the foot

Then you have Pat McQuaid. He’s the current UCI president. Instead of trying to work with the many countries cycling federations, he starts an ‘us versus them’ argument on European television. McQuaid states that countries such as Spain, France, Italy and Belgium (whom he calls a Western Mafia) are implicit in doping practices. The countries that are working on the doping issue, according to McQuaid, are Anglo-Saxon (England, Germany, Denmark). So who do you think McQuaid just pissed off? If you really think that, why announce that on TV? What good will that do? Why not work with those federations in some kind of diplomatic fashion and correct what you believe needs to be corrected?

Both of these guys really need to look at how they conduct the business of cycling and try to work on solutions rather than slinging mud.


  1. blue squirrel says:

    well said and i like the way you worked in ‘nimrod’. the word is a perfect addtion to the cycling lexicon.

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