Landis interview quotes that won’t make it in ROAD

I knew I was going to have a good interview with Floyd when he started off with this quotable gem, “I’m going to give you my Lindsey Lohan quote of the day. ‘Being sober for the past two weeks has been the hardest thing I’ve every done.’ What was the second thing for her, ninth grade?”

On the Christmas Elf that I had on my blog, “That was funny! Is that still up?”

Floyd told a quick story of how he was leaving his lawyer’s office in L.A. A homeless guy was laying down on the sidewalk with a cardboard sign asking for money. Landis, being big-hearted, gives him $40. The homeless guy thanks him and asks what Landis does for a living. He tells him that he’s a cyclist. The homeless guy presses Landis for details and he tells him that he won the Tour de France. The guy then wanted Floyd to autograph his cardboard sign. “My real fear was that he was going to argue with me and tell me that Pereiro won it!”

I love interviewing Floyd!


  1. SLOVER says:

    Tell Floyd he WON!! Then if you could ask him if he could help David Clinger get on a team. That would be great.. Your right Floyd is cool.

    Are we riding this weekend?

  2. gwadzilla says:

    I just do not know what to believe…

    and 40 bucks to a homeless guy?

    well that is another discussion for another blog

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